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New maps along with screenshots are up in the Q3Pong maps section.
A section is set up for user Q3Pong maps to be posted at. Alpha, Beta, and Final version will be available. Now we just need some new maps.
Forum is alive once again.
The link for the canyon map in the downloads section actually works now. The forum has been broken for a while but should be up in a week or so.
Qpong Tournament begins on Sunday September 21!
Q3Pong 2.0 is released check out and download it!
The forum is up and running. This one is running on my server rather than having it hosted by someone else, which is good because they always seem to close down. Hope to see someone there..
This site has been down for probably a year now. I felt that QPONG deserved to have it online even if no one is playing it. I lost the latest copy of the site so the news bellow is really really old. I will have the forum working shotly but I doubt any QPONGers will stuble upon this site for a long time if ever. If anyone knows of an active qpong server drop me a message at
The tournament didn't work out as well as everyone was hoping but I would still like to see a QPong league form where qpongers can casually meet at scheduled times and get a few games in.  If anyone is interested in setting this up e-mail me at  Unfortunately I am very short on time this semester and I can not update the site as often as I would like.  If anyone wants to help with making updates and/or adding new sections etc. drop me a line and I will set you up an account where you can access and update the page.  Our forum host is also notifying me that they are going out of business due to the economy so expect to see a new message board added soon.  Happy splatting!
The tournament shall begin!  Teams please head over to the tournament page and take a look at the calendar!  Notify me of days and times when your team is free for matches 
Check out the tournament page for info!
The map vote has ended and the winners are KQP, King of the Castle, and QPCurves. 
Map Votes have been rolling in but not as many as I expected.  Hurry up and e-mail me your choices for the three maps that you would like to see used in the tournament.  Deadline to vote for your favorite maps is Dec 19.
I am going to add a demo section to the site soon.  So if you have any cool qpong demos send them on over. :)  
I just added a ton of Q3Pong Beta server to the server section!  There are probably going to be new servers popping up like crazy so use gamespy for a complete list.

Q3Pong Arena beta 1 has been released!  To get a piece of the action go to or head over to the downloads section and download the installation file for q3pong beta 1.  Then head over the the servers page to get a list of q3pong servers.  Also head over to  #qpong and hang out with all of the qpong fans.

The Last day to sign up for the tourney will be on December 13. Then players will be matched up to make full teams and the teams will be randomly paired up for battle. :) Some time in here we will have a vote for which maps will be used and it will then be up to the 2 teams that are paired up for battle to select a date and time which they are free to meet to battle. l8r
Anubis<WOS>'s profile is not on the site.  Qpong filter has been added to the download section (thanks to Anubis).  A lot of good qpong action lately! 
New profile added for {DaRk}Defiler and [UPO] Galadriel's profile has been updated. A date is going to be set soon as the deadline to sign up for the tournament.  If not many more sign up we will do teams of two.  The map ballpit has been causing big problems.  Between spawning in the wall, loosing the ball in the great beyond, and not being able to access 2 of our wonderful qpong servers, the map has caused its share of pain and sorrow to us qpong diehards. hehe  Server admins, please remove this map from your rotations. :) 
The web page has moved from its home at mediaone to my web server.  Now I can hold as many files as I want without that 10 meg limit!  Now to get that counter working again. hehe
Had some very good QPONG action tonight.  I added a new message forum to the site which everyone should enjoy.  It will hopefully promote more posting than the old forum did. The old forum had some very recent posts on it and can be found at:  The new message board is at: 
I've been trying to get the word out about this tournament and I know that there are tons of qpong fans out there who would love to participate in splattering action but they need to know about it.  Please, post messages about the tournament and get your friends to join.  If we do not get enough people, we will have to change it to two players per team which I do not believe will be as much fun. 
Azucar and Jebtha have their profiles posted. Check them out!  We've got a good number of people who have registered for the tournament and hope to get more.  So new rule: If you read this then you are obligated to register. hehe
Bonzo's Ghost has added his profile to the bunch!  Several people have joined the tournament but we still need many more!  Don't be shy. Join the splattering kaplattering earth shatering ehhh I think i need to get some sleep(4:01am). hehe
Splatter Kaplatter QPONG Tournament Page is up and it will be great fun! :)  Also, Bl1nd_N_Slow sent me his profile the other day, so make sure to check that out.  I've registered a new shortcut address, so give it out to everyone that you know.  :)  
Fedaykin Warrior Clan ([FWC]) requested several months ago to have their clan added to the clans section and I have finally done so.  So go take a look for your self.  Keep those balls rolling'!  :)

New QPONG server up! Find it at

New Qpong server in the server section (Master D. Homies Qpong, IP: Also, TWO NEW MAPS can be found in the downloads section StroggSewer (D-Bone) and Halfpipes (RunningMan).

I updated the server page.  Got rid of the servers that have gone down and added kannibis's server to the page. :)

Hello everyone!  I have not made an update in more than a month now because of lack of time, not lack of update material.  I moved out of my house into an apartment with a couple of friends a couple of weeks ago so I haven't had much time (This is the first time I have been connected to the internet. hehe)  Anyways HAGG has their web page up and running now. Go check it out at and make sure that you have all of the awesome HAGG maps downloaded!  [UPO]Galadriel's profile has been updated with his web site and other new information.

Long time without an update but here it is!  I finally got HAGG 3 added to the servers page. :)  HAGG3 is a no DM server so if you are sick of people DMing you then that is the place to go!  Duckman also has a new, awesome map out!!  Its called Duckpond and it can be found in the downloads section!  Download this map!  You will enjoy it!

HAGG1 has a new IP adress,  Keep the balls rollin'!

A new version of f3kyfunkpong (3 team) can be found in the downloads section and also a 2 team version! :) 

A new map, f3kyfunkpong, was released today by D-Bone_[HAGG]!  Its a 3 team map and very fun!  Pick it up from the download section under HAGG maps!  HAGG1 is also back up so enjoy the QPONG!

HAGG1is being upgraded to a dual 500 celeron system as we speak so it the server will be down a day or so but "back up with a vengeance!!" -qAPLAh_[HAGG]  Lemoore has been back up and seems to be running strong with no crashes. :)

Is there any hope?  Unfortunately Lemoore has been crashing the last few days. :(  Hopefully it is fixed soon and US players can get their groove on at Lemoore once again. :)  Hagg's HAGG2 server has been added to the servers section (thanks goes out to Duckman_[HAGG] for the idea) and I made it so the server information automatically refreshes every minute.  Three new QPong profiles have been added to the profiles section!!  The site has also been added to the CLQ web ring (thanks to [UPO] Galadriel for the link) which will hopefully bring new players into the QPONG world!  Keep the balls FLYING!!

Kannibas is working again! :)  BongStalk said, "Looks like BW-Admin choked somehow," fixed the problem, and all is good.  I added a couple more profiles so go check those out.

The profiles page is up and running!  Thanks to everyone that has filled out the information, I have found it very interesting. :)  If you would like to participate check out the profiles page.  Some more graphical stuff has been added to the site.  Fixed a problem with the background colors on tables not working w/ Netscape.

Fixed some problems with the sever page and added some more screen shots of mass chaos!  Added a new and better looking counter to the bottom of the main page (this page) EVERYONE CHECK OUT THE FORUM PAGE and post your thoughts or whatever else you might want to post! :)

There is a new map in the downloads section!  Look under [UPO] maps.

Download page is finished and all of the links work. The forum is up and running.  Clan Page is up but missing a lot of info. about the clans that I know of.  Leave me a message if you have info. about a clan to add.  Added Qoole and Qoole entities (by HAGG) to the download section.  Finished Contacts page.

Created QPong main page and started creating sub pages.  Finished the Servers page.

  contact me @: