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Anubis<WOS>'s profile:

Alias: Anubis<WOS> aKa BLAH
Name: Vulture143
Age: 20's
Sex: M
Location: Wisconsin
Clan: <WOS> "Well of Souls"
ICQ #: Not for public/spam,so no
AIM user name: no
Web Page URL: Not at this time(kinda working on one.)
Hobbies and Interest:   Quake 2,Computers,Novice Electronics (like c.b
radio,scanners etc),Reading,Biking
Any bazaar or special talents: I can talk and piss you off at the same
time.LOL and minor Q2 Skinning in PSP6.Oh and ive edited(fixed up) some
quake2 scripts ive found on the net or made my own) Ask me what novelty ones
i have come across.(like a skinz script where you bind a key to scroll skins
you have and another key to go back to original)
Favorite Movie: Men In Black,Hackers(even though it wasnt the most realistic)
Favorite Book: Stephan King's "Christine"
Favorite Music/Band/Song: Most music,Techno,SOME Rap,Misc.
Favorite Weapon: Rail,Rocket Launcher
Favorite Map The Pipe
Favorite thing about QPong: The Flattenings <Evil Laugh> Muhahahaha!
Least favorite thing about QPong:   Bad maps where u look across the map and a
wall disapears,and Bad Sports/Whiners.
Other games you frequently play:   Q2 (lox,Lithium,wod,reg.DM),Console games.
Server where we can find you:   Which ever one is occupied or not to laggy.
Tell us something about yourself: Not much to tell,Im a quake 2 Addict,and
like electronics and editing stuff in PSP6(not good at graphics YET>)And im
into Alien stuff and pics.
Favorite saying:  "BLAH"  Blah=boredom or instead of a 4 letter word haha
Favorite Website: 
Favorite chat/voice tool: Yahoo messanger
Favorite TV Show: Men In Black The Animated Series (Ya a Cartoon HAHA)