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QPONG Player Profies

CadenceX [BD] profile:

Alias: CadenceX [BD]
Name: Brian    
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Location: New York CIty
Clan: Blue Devils
ICQ #: 19373781
AIM user name: FilmFXS
Web Page URL: 
Hobbies and Interest:   Q3, Qpong, Filmmaking, music
Any bazaar or special talents: I can rocket jump with my machinegun up my ass
Favorite Movie: Braveheart fav movies: scorsese films, ksmith films,
Godfather series, American Beauty
Favorite Book: Quake 3 Arena Strategy Guide.  No, shot by shot
Favorite Music/Band/Song:   
Favorite Weapon: Rail when I'm on, otherwise rocket
Favorite Map qpcurves
Favorite thing about QPong: Smashing someone 
Least favorite thing about QPong:   Getting smashed
Other games you frequently play:   Q3
Server where we can find you:   somewhere on gamespy
Tell us something about yourself:
has everything you need to know about me