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{DaRk}Defiler's profile:

Alias: <<^WargasM^>>, {DaRk}Defiler and Nehebkau{WOS}
Name: William Michael Vanders
Age: 27
Sex: male
Location: San Diego (originally from NYC)
Clan: {DaRk}Clan, Clan <WOS>
ICQ #: 85113328
AIM user name: na
Web Page URL:
Clan Page URL:
Clan2 Page URL:
Hobbies and Interest:   Music, Programming, Skinning, Modeling
Any bazaar or special talents: Musician of 15 year with Degrees inJazz
Favorite Movie: American History X
Favorite Book: Civil Disobiedence
Favorite Music/Band/Song: Dead Kennedys, Fugazi
Favorite Weapon: LOX Snipersweeper
Favorite Map Outlands
Favorite thing about QPong: People who get flattened
Least favorite thing about QPong:   When I get Flattened
Other games you frequently play:   WOD:LOX, GLOOM, WOD, BLAST, THIEF, CTF
Server where we can find you:
Tell us something about yourself: I Play in a Funk Alternative Rock Band
called "Soulgasm" Check us out at