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Azucar's profile:

Alias: Azucar
Name: Marcelle
Age: 39 and holding
Sex: Female
Location: NJ  USA
Clan: none
ICQ #:  
AIM user name:  
Web Page URL:  
Hobbies and Interest:   quake2, genealogy, soccer mom
Any bazaar or special talents: I sing
Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club, Jerry maguire
Favorite Book: The Vineyard by Barbara Delinsky
Favorite Music/Band/Song: no one special, 80's music, Elton John, Boston
Favorite Weapon: Rocket
Favorite Map q2dm7
Favorite thing about QPong: chaingun
Least favorite thing about QPong:   stupid people who stand in my way
Other games you frequently play:   quake 2 dm, xatrix
Server where we can find you:   Nexus q2dm, GI: Newt (reckoning)
Tell us something about yourself: Married, 3 boys, always busy, always on the go, I miss qpong
- no one plays anymore, or else you're hiding from me.