Got Balls? Play Qpong!



QPONG Screen Shots

Got balls?
Hit F12, take a screen shot, and e-mail it over to me! :)


2-19-00 Here is a shot of the QPong players in one massive game last night.  All was fun until the server crashed.

2-19-00 And here is a small glimpse of the chaos and massive amounts of ammo flying everywhere!!!

2-17-00 Here is a shot of the new map that is out.

2-18-00 [UPO] Galadriel's S.S. of Maniacstreet from high on  a ledge. :)

2-16-00 I was able to snag this shot when moving in to score. :)

2-16-00 Got the ball on target and ready to shoot!

2-16-00 Here I was able to get Anything rocket jumping by the glowing QPong.

2-16-00 Here is my friend on top of the ball and saluting, next to his dead body. haha




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