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bl1nd_N_Slow's profile:

Alias: bl1nd
Name: bl1nd_N_Slow
Age: 31
Sex: Anyone know a good web page ;)
Location: Toronto Canada
ICQ #: tba
AIM user name:  
Web Page URL:  
Hobbies and Interest:   Serious Mountatain Biker,Computer geek
Any bazaar or special talents:  
Favorite Movie: The Prisoner,  Matrix
Favorite Book: Chronicles of Narnia, Douglas Adams
Favorite Music/Band/Song: No Britney, everthing else is fine.
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun and the Axe from Q1
Favorite Map qpcirles
Favorite thing about QPong: Adding more than two balls.
Least favorite thing about QPong:   No player ID, No Hook
Other games you frequently play:   Rail only Lithium
Server where we can find you:   Anarchy
Tell us something about yourself: QNX Systems admin, very leet OS :)