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QPONG Player Profies

D-Bone_[HAGG]'s profile:

Alias: D-Bone_[HAGG]
Name: Folkert
Age: 34
Sex: m
Location: Holland
Clan: [HAGG]
ICQ #:   
AIM user name:   
Web Page URL:   
Hobbies and Interest:   quake, computer graphics & paragliding
Any bazaar or special talents: earn a living by computer graphs play quake reasonable
Favorite Movie: too many
Favorite Book: lord o/t rings
Favorite Music/Band/Song:   
Favorite Weapon: raillauncher
Favorite Map maniacstreet
Favorite thing about QPong: it never gets boring & it's best to play as a team!!!
Least favorite thing about QPong:   being spawn-killed by a camper!
Other games you frequently play:   tctf! & teamfortress
Server where we can find you:   hagg1
Tell us something about yourself: you allready know too much,
come and drink a beer with me and i'll tell more.