Got Balls? Play Qpong!



QPONG Player Profies

Gigatron_[HAGG] profile:

Alias: Gigatron_[HAGG]
Name: Angelo
Age: 28
Sex: M
Location: Canada
Clan: HAGG
ICQ #: 14914078
AIM user name: ... SNAOL sux!
Web Page URL:
Hobbies and Interest:   Computers and sports
Any bazaar or special talents: Computers
Favorite Movie: Star Wars and Anime
Favorite Book: ...
Favorite Music/Band/Song: Aerosmith
Favorite Weapon: Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle and ChainGun   
Favorite Map Funkpong
Favorite thing about QPong: QPONG!
Least favorite thing about QPong:   ...
Other games you frequently play:   Shootemup and fighting games (aka
mortalkombat, street fighter etc...)
Server where we can find you:   Hagg1 and HAGG 2
Tell us something about yourself: You can't handle me! I am too good!