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QPONG Player Profiles

RunningMan_Hagg's profile:

Alias: RunningMan_HAGG, Monkey Basher,  HypeXR
Name: Scott
Age: 20
Sex: male
Location: Fresno
Clan: HAGG
ICQ #: 15454709
AIM user name: HypeXR
Web Page URL:
Hobbies and Interest:   programming, map editing, roller blading, dirt bike riding, basketball, weight lifting, running
Any bazaar or special talents: Can Play qpong for days at a time. :)
Favorite Movie: American History X,American Beauty, Fight club
Favorite Book: Sidartha
Favorite Music/Band/Song: Techno, Trance, Alternative, Punk, SKA, Reggie
Favorite Weapon: rail gun
Favorite Map KQP (except when the games last forever) haha
Favorite thing about QPong: That there is a ball to concentrate on and that it is like soccer.  Its bloody and action packed!
Least favorite thing about QPong:   Not enough people play it.
Other games you frequently play:   Quake3, Unreal
Server where we can find you:   Kannibas, Hagg1, Hagg2, Hagg3
Tell us something about yourself: Like to hang out with friends and go to the mountains,  mountain climbing and motor cross riding.